We build web apps for Shopify.

Meet the team

Solving business challenges

with digital solutions

Our team of business savvy developers works with you to define and design your solution building features that deliver outstanding usability.

Lean, agile methodology

You may realize that your digital solution you know are anachronistic and no longer fit for today’s challenges. Let's build together what your users need not what you think they need – cost and time efficient development lifecycle.

Shopify Expert

We are committed to advancing your employees with the best tools and best practices.

Why does methodology matter?

Our methodology builds increasing efficiency into the way we work. This means shipping code as early and regularly as possible. This is critical for getting to market quickly, where you will be able to learn and improve based on how your customers use your product. Our framework is inspired by agile, lean, scrum and devops thinking.

Our Values

  • Transparency - No hiding behind technical language, no surprise delays at the end of projects, no ambiguous expectation setting. Everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal.
  • Inspection - Checking in each day to inspect progress towards the sprint’s goal and identify any problems to resolve. At Lemon & Kiwi, we use physical and digital project boards to give everyone - in the office or away - visibility on progress.
  • Adaptation - Based on this reflection, we tweak and refine the way we're working. We react quickly in order to maximise the impact of improvements. Projects change. We’re ready